Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Welcome to the blog about the unpublished Manuscript "Vision of Shadows" which I hope to soon find an agent for and get published and then write many sequels!!!!!

What's it about?

Bristol Blackburn is a 16 year old psychic. With the exception of Ricky her pet hamster, Bristol has never shared her secret abilities with anyone with a pulse. In fact, Bristol feels far more comfortable around ghosts than she does with the living!

All of Bristol's life she's had dreams about him! Who is he? She has no idea. But he is really rather hot!!

As far as the dreams are concerned, they fit into one of two categories. Most of them involve them meeting very soon and become involved! We're talking him falling head over heels, can't get enough, love of his life kind of involved!

The other dream is a little different. In that one, she can see him murder her in cold blood. Not a good sign.

So basically, she's never met this guy, but when she does he'll either be the love of her life, or he's going to kill her.

Sound interesting?

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